Step by Step instruction on how to make Clay Rose Flower

In This post, I would like to share with you the tutorial on how to make a rose flower using air dry clay.


Materials needed:
- Air dry clay white
- 2 part of Orange & 1 part of yellow colors to get Apricot Color
- Rose flower cutter
- Rose leaf cutter
- Rose flower veiner
- Rose leaf veiner
- Craft glue
- A small foam ball
- Ball Tool, Poking tool & Frilling Tool
- Pasta Machine
- A Fruit tray to form the curve of petals
- Flower vase

Here are the steps,
Steps to make Clay Petals
Mix 2 part of orange and 1 part of yellow color along with the white clay, and make sure that all the colors got blended well.

Place the clay in between two transparent plastic sheets and flatten it using pasta machine
Now, remove one side of the plastic sheet, and use the rose petal cutter to cut out all the petals and use the petal veiner to create real texture for those petals as shown in the picture. After that, place the petals on the apple tray to form the curve of petals.
It is time to arrange the petals to form the rose flowers & bud, check all the below pictures to know the steps



Cover the wire with green clay to make the stem. Also fix the calyx on the bottom of the rose. (refer to buds)

Use permanent rose color to shade the edge of rose petals.

Steps to make Buds

Take a small piece of clay and shape into an egglike shape and fix it onto the wire. Shade it with permanent rose. Join the Calyx on the bud. 

Steps to make leaves

Take green color and mix it with white clay well enough to get the perfect blend. same as how we did for rose petals, flatten the mixed clay in between plastic sheets, and get the thin layer using pasta machine.
Use leaf cutter to to get enough number of leaves, and use veiner to get the leaf texture for all the leaves.

Attach the leaves to wire.

Cover the wire with green tape and then cover it with green clay.

Use permanent rose or brown color to shade edge of all the leaves.

Use green clay & wires to make stems, and stick the rose, leaves to the stem as shown below. 

Now you have your finished rose.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, let me know your feedback